Can you relate with these GOALS?


Have you lost your purpose in life?


Is something holding you back in your life?


Can you see your new future?


Fabienne Price Certified Hypnotherapist, CPC | Certified Life Coach, Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Core Dynamics Specialist

For Twenty-five years, I managed a highly successful restaurant with 50 workers, all volunteers, and catering for 2000 people.
However, people came mainly to India to find themselves and rekindle their passion for life.
Through the years, I have helped hundreds of people through coaching.
I then decided to train as a coach with an American coaching company IPEC, recognised by ICF, the international coaching federation.
But that was not enough. I discovered that HYPNOSIS could clear the soul of past secrets and allow people to make big jumps towards their life goals.
From there onwards, I was able to help clients find a new purpose in their lives and raise their energy and passion.

Signature Coaching Program

It Is Time to Find Your Inner Strength Again

If you are a  person who has lost passion and purpose, I want to introduce to you my Fabienne Price Energy Program; I’ll personally guide you along the path from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll unlock your Inner strength and motivation in life, rebuild your confidence and find your passion again. Finally, you will thrive again.
Click the button below to learn all the details and apply for one of the few remaining spots.

Ready to Find a New Inner Source of Energy and Power?

Three Steps to regain your passion and purpose in life

Book Your Discovery Call

Click the button below to book your free call to find your Inner energy drive and find your unlimited Potential. 

Create the Plan

I’ll help you map out a step-by-step plan to clarify where you are now, what you desire most out of your life, and how to rekindle your inner energy source for your new life. 

Live Your Best Life

Together we’ll put the plan into action each week and create a life you’ll love!

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