How to work with Fabienne Price

Thank You SO MUCH for Reaching Out!

Thank you so much for your interest in getting in touch. I love hearing from people ready to reconnect with their goals and purposes.

This is what working together looks like .

Firstly, we always work in a very private and safe environment, where YOU feel safe and protected. 

Then we have an introductory call session to see If we are a good fit to work together. During that call you can share your goals, concerns and challenges you have been facing and we can discuss how can hypnotherapy can transform your life. 

I will provide you with tools, techniques, and strategies to create a new life and emotional well-being as you design it.

The hypnotherapy sessions are tailored for each individual, depending on their needs. 

We can have one two three or more sessions, always with access to me personally, during working hours. 




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