My name is Fabienne Price, and I am an Energy life and Business coach.

I was born and brought up in Peru and lived in Europe. I then spent 25 years in India managing 50 volunteers in a 2,000-seat restaurant for people who did not eat spicy food. We were very successful and considered a 5-star restaurant. 

However, I got burned out. I was exhausted, became cynical about my work and dreaded going in every day. It eventually led to my decision to leave India, after which it took me a whole year to get back on track.

Initially, I did not recognise I was in burnout. 

This condition – burnout – is prevalent in many situations: mothers at home, people in the workplace, students and even people more generally who are active within their communities. It is a worldwide phenomenon.

Burnout gives feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism. 

Many people have had to stop working for months or even years or change professions due to burnout. 

If it has also happened to you, be aware that it is not your fault.    Understand how common it is and, most importantly, that you can get help

I know that I can help you.  By reading this book, you will understand how burnout comes about and how you can heal and return to your energetic self. 


You might think that It is your fault, that you have mental problems, that you need many antidepressants, that you need to sleep it off or be a couch potato in front of the TV or even that you will never get out of it on your own. 

You will find out that It is not true.  

A deeper understanding of the issues is outlined below. 

How does it appear in our lives?

 Nobody talks to us about burnout when we start our careers. In any case, if we hear about it, we think that it will never happen to us. 

Let us go back to the day you left school. How did you feel? Full of enthusiasm and energy, ready to take on the world.

You could run a 100-metre race, beat your classmates, dance all night, and be prepared to play a volleyball or football match the next day.  


When I started my service in a large restaurant in India, I was energetic, fit, and enthusiastic. 

However, with time, I realised some staff were often taking “sick leave”, and I soon recognised something was not going well. I was aware that they needed some time to recover from exhaustion. 

The time for recovery became longer and longer. It was a sign that they had no more energy to give and needed up to a week or more to recover. It was, in fact, the beginning of burnout. 

I then understood that  I needed to learn to manage my energy to function well. 

The more you have energy, the better you can keep healthy. physically and mentally. We can then give TO others some power when it is required.

So I realised that to function correctly in such a highly demanding job, hospitality, I needed to understand what caused my energy loss and how to recharge myself.  

Through reading books, I discovered that there are five main ways we can lose energy,  and they are as follows: 

  1. If you are empathic or love people, you can easily give away your energy. For example, those in contact with others in need, such as sick people, poor people, people in crisis, the homeless or those in disaster zones. This also happens to those working in animal rescues or devoting themselves to passionate causes such as Greenpeace and Doctors without Borders.

2. As an empath, if you are dealing with people who are what I call the “poor me”,( not their fault, they just developed this way of being from their childhood.), your energy can be depleted. For example, If you ask such a person how they are, they will respond, “Very good, but…… “. Then comes the reason they are not so good, and this can be when you feel empathy for them and give your energy away. It is a prevalent way to lose power, just having conversations in the street with friends, acquaintances, or family. 

3- If you are often in contact with someone who scolds you, screams at you or is not happy with you, they will deplete your energy. They could be your bosses, leaders, teachers, co-workers and parents.   

4- If you live in fear, such as fear of losing your job, fear failing, being late, or not achieving,, you will likely deplete your body’s energy 

5- If you continue working long hours and are not listening to your body, you are draining your energy and taking out whatever energy you have left to achieve your goals. 

You will feel your energy leave your body through your Solar Plexus or your stomach.

In any of these scenarios, you succumb to helplessness, grief, despair, rage etc..

You reach a stage where can not get recharged with anything. No rest and no food help you. You feel more and more tired,  helpless, and exhausted. 

So how do we manage to keep our energy?

When we are full of energy, we are in a good state of health of body and mind and behave as loving and giving beings.   

So to maintain that state, Our thoughts should focus on the following: 


And while you may think that it is selfish, it is a reality

We can then have a long healthy life as we choose it; working, being parents, helping, or volunteering

Let us explore how we might maintain healthy energy levels and perform well. 

Here are Some suggestions: 

1- Awareness of our levels of body energy.

 First and foremost, we need to be aware of our energy. We need to learn to do the things we do with awareness.

We need to FEEL WHEN our body is charged with energy and WHEN it is losing energy. We need to be aware of what triggers us to lose power.  These triggers can be Empathy, anger, frustration, fear…

When we become aware that our energy is seeping away, we need to STOP for a moment, take a break,  take a deep breath and readjust, or re-set ourselves before continuing.   


Be aware of the people’s vocabulary and tone of voice when talking to you. You can be loving and gentle in response, but the trick is to observe only, stay outside, and not give your energy away by getting caught in their story. Keep listening as if you were a witness, and help. If not, walk away. But do not get involved in their story.  IT IS NOT YOUR STORY

If someone screams at you or is rude, do not give them your energy. Same as before. IT IS NOT YOUR STORY. Just listen as a witness.  You can also walk away. IT IS NOT YOUR STORY

You may think it is easier said than done, but it will be easier with practice and awareness. 

Likewise, give them compassion and love when someone says they are not well or unhappy, but not your energy. With time you will become aware of your ENERGY and learn HOW to manage it.

 3- Anger and fear. Change your energy, change your hormones.

When you have stress, anger or fear, your body produces adrenaline and cortisol hormones. Adrenaline increases your heart rate, elevates your blood pressure and boosts energy supplies. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream and enhances your brain’s use of glucose. 

So, if you are aware of these feelings, take time out. Recenter yourself, Close your eyes, open your heart, and breathe deeply. Your awareness will help you change your body’s hormones consciously.

As you change your state, you will start producing feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, vasopressin, or endorphins. Oxytocin can regulate our emotional responses and pro-social behaviours, including trust, empathy, gazing, positive memories, bonding cues, and positive communication. Oxytocin is typically linked to warm, fuzzy feelings and shown in some research to lower stress and anxiety.  SMILE

4 . Burnout. Recharging our body of energy

When we are in mental, physical and emotional exhaustion, we need strategies to recharge our bodies with energy. In the beginning, YOU HAVE NO ENERGY TO SPARE FOR ANYONE, So our first activities are to take energy where we can.  



 We first need to do things that make us happy and feel well, such as being in nature, playing music, and watching happy and positive movies. 

If you love animals, they are one of the best ways of recharging, as they give you unconditional love. They sit by your side, and all they do is send you love and energy and do not ask for anything. 

Note: avoid horror movies, dramas or killing movies, and many computer games (which involve killing) because these cause the body to produce cortisol and adrenaline – the stress hormones you aim to escape because they hinder body and mind healing. Remember, your body needs all the healing, feel-good energy it can take. 

  • Eat foods that you enjoy.
  • Eat food you enjoy that makes you feel good. 

Eat healthy food as your body will struggle less to get the required nutrients.  

  • When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. They trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to morphine. So, if you can, start walking- perhaps walking the dog or going out with your children. You will see how well you will feel after. 
  • Meet people who will give YOU energy, parents who love you unconditionally, and friends who only want to provide you with love and support. 

You do not need to sit on the floor cross-legged or put incense necessarily. The definition of meditation is to get in contact with your energy and your body. For example: 

Sitting at home or in nature, in silence or with soft music, listening to the children’s laughter and listening to what your body is telling you or your inner self.

 Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, balance and awareness that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health. 


When you start feeling exhausted in certain situations or the presence of certain people, the most critical factor is to be aware of what triggers you. Remember, IT IS NOT YOUR STORY

 You will learn to get to know yourself more and more at a  different level, and you will learn to control your energy output without becoming heartless and cynical. You will learn to know what triggers you and what does not. You will then be able to give with love and perform to your best ability.

Support Strategy: 

To be able to achieve results, keep a journal day by day. In the following weeks and months, Rate yourself from 1 to 10.

Just register your triggers.

Write down where you are at with your emotions, exhaustion, anger, frustration, recovery, love, and giving. 

Write down what works  FOR YOU and what does not work.

You can do a chart for each one of them with time. 

Questions from people who read this book.

People who read this book always ask me, what if they got to a stage where” I do not want to do anything?”.

 My response to this is that you have many choices.

 Give yourself time. Eventually, your body will ask you to start moving on. It begins a new chapter in your life—a new awareness of yourself. 

If you stay in a state of chronic exhaustion

1-See a medical professional. They will often give you something to help you rise above the waves. You will start having the willpower to do some exercises, go into nature do all the feel-good things that allow you to rebuild your energy.

2-See a therapist/life coach to help you navigate the web of thoughts and feelings in front of you. It will push you to achieve health, high energy, and a new life.


 I can say that this is a fantastic time through my own experience and the experience of many people I have met and coached. Even if you do not realise it yet, you will realise that, after all, you achieve higher awareness of yourself and who you are and discover your Unlimited Power. You will most likely require coaching as it helps guide your inner world. Your mind will then not lead you astray. Look for me at

But you will reach new goals you thought you would never achieve.

You will be a very successful person in whatever you do. 

Free call on your personal ENERGY drive and unlimited goals.

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